It's as simple as breathing!!


Will it be right for me or not?? We know it's hard to decide on a purchase if you haven't tried it, so we have added the option to try one of our BreatheEasy tracks for FREE to help convince you that BreatheEasy is the right choice to help you to lower your blood pressure.

All you need to do is pop your first name and email in the boxes below and send in your request. We will then email you a link to download a full 15 minute track from our Classic CD set.

Once you receive the email download the track (the link will expire after you have downloaded the track) and start trying BreatheEasy for yourself today.

There are no catches, we wont keep emailing you. We just want to give you the opportunity to experience BreatheEasy first hand and decide if its right fore you.

If you have any questions please use our contact form.